The Adaptive Suite

Embrace Active Planning With the Only Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Software That is Easy, Powerful, and Fast

The Adaptive Suite is cloud-based corporate performance management software (also known as enterprise performance management or EPM software) that delivers incredibly intuitive budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, and dashboards. Designed for business users and accessible from anywhere, our CPM finance software solution helps you visualize performance, plan effectively, and monitor results.

Maximize Your Visibility Into Plans, Forecasts, Revenue, Expenses, and Headcount

Static planning with manual spreadsheets and processes or legacy on-premises solutions doesn’t cut it anymore. That outdated approach creates risk and eats up a lot of productive time. The Adaptive Suite has helped thousands of organizations worldwide use active planning to transform their balance sheet and cash flow plans, revenue forecasts, headcount analysis, budgets, and expense plans, so that their planning process is collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous.

The Power to Plan Collaboratively, Comprehensively, and Continuously

Cut your planning cycle times by 70%. Trust your budgeting, planning, modeling, and forecasting process to drive results. Reduce risk with always-fresh data, version-controlled plans, and driver-based models. Save time planning using workflows so that everyone is on task and working collaboratively. Engage your finance and business partners with easy-to-use EPM software on the web or using our Excel-based interface. Give your users a self-service planning tool they’ll actually use – finally.


Drive Business Performance with Self-Service, Interactive Dashboards and Data Visualization

Spend less time compiling numbers and spend more time advising your business partners on the insights gained from real-time KPI dashboards. Powerful financial intelligence and analytics let you understand your business better: instantly visualize variances in a waterfall chart, compare periods, add multiple dimensions to your charts, drill down into source transactional data to get context, and take action by re-planning and forecasting. It’s all connected to the same data sources, so data is always accurate and up to date.

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